Monday, January 25, 2010

Pepper Me Happy

Today has been a busy day because I am taking my mother to the doctor tomorrow, which essentially means I will get nothing done around the house. So I doubled up on cooking, cleaning, laundry and grocery shopping.

One task I was determined to complete, and did, was freezing some red, orange, and yellow bell peppers which I got yesterday on sale at Kroger for $1 each.

If I'd known how easy it is to freeze them, I would have purchased more than five.

This morning I googled "how to freeze bell peppers" and found out that it's simply a matter of removing the stem and seeds, slicing or dicing the peppers, putting them on a tray with waxed paper and placing them in the freezer for an hour, and then transferring them to freezer bags.

I am really excited about finishing this simple task because now it will be so easy to have some tasty peppers in soups, stir fries, and other dishes that are yet to come!

Being organized and disciplined enough to do something like getting a great deal on peppers and then freezing them, makes me feel really good.

I realized as I was standing over the kitchen sink de-seeding the peppers and planning in my head a marinade for the Angus steaks I also got a great deal on, that cooking makes me happy! Much happier than I ever was working in an office.

It feels good to finally be this happy!

2 comments: said...

This is how we freeze peppers here on the farm. Makes them so much easier to use...they don't stick together and you can take out what you need reseal the bag and put it back for later use. You can also do this for onions, corn, beets, green beans...and the list goes on.

Barb said...

I'm gonna be a freezing maniac!